Sunday, December 3, 2006

GREAT Deal on Frac Rack

One of the great things about building a Frac Rack modular is the low 'startup cost' of chassis frames and power supplies.

This cost has gone up a little bit with Blacet's price increase on the Frac Rack chassis units - they now charge $69 for a rack frame, which is a bit of an increase, however it still represents the lowest cost for racking+power in all of Modular Land.

Anyway, our good friends over at Analogue Haven have no less than SEVEN used Frack Rack chassis frames, selling at $49 each. This could be a huge savings for anyone looking to save a fair bit on their racking needs. Just thought I'd throw that out there - Shawn and the guys at AH totally deserve all the business they can get (because they are KICKASS people with a KICKASS shop, and the best service you could ever ask for....), and if you've been waiting to jump into the burgeoning Frac Rack scene, there probably isn't a better time.

Hit up Analogue Haven's used page here

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