Monday, December 4, 2006

New Eat Static!

Wow, now this is cool news to me. You will NOT normally see me making posts about bands and artists, however there are a very rare one or two artists I'll break this rule for. Eat Static are one of them.

They have a new full-length album, entitled "De-Classified", coming out in early 2007 on Solstice Music. I found this out from their myspace page. Wow, this is exciting.

Some background info - In 1995 I was studying classical music, and was a HUGE jazz and Zappa fan (still am....). I had been a new wave fan in the 80's, Joy Division was one of my favorite bands of all time, and I thought New Order was just wonderful. To me in 1995, the idea of 'electronic dance music' was simply repulsive - it brought mental images of C+C Music Factory, MC Mario, and bullshit "club house pap" like that. As many of my friends caught the 'raving' bug, I could barely contain my disgust.

Eat Static was the band that changed it all for me - and my eyes were suddenly opened WIDE - I 'got it'. My raver friend Scott played the "Abduction" CD from Eat Static, and I was immediately amazed, entralled, and dumb-founded. These dance music producers were showing off more creativity, musicality, inspiration and raw talent than I had heard in a LONG time. My world was forever changed.

For those that don't know, Eat Static was formed by two members of Ozric Tentacles, at first an off-shoot band, and then it developed into a life of it's own. They've continued to release tons of amazing music since that time, never really stopping, yet always innovating and evolving and challanging the listners. If you are ANY KIND OF FAN of electronic music or synthesizers, you owe it to yourself to check out either of the most recent full-lengths, "In The Nude" or "Mondo A Go-Go". Just incredible genre-defying displays of raw genius. (OK I find the title track on Mondo A Go-Go a little too toungue-in-cheek for it's guitar-powered dance thing, but that's a lark, the rest of the album is as good as anything you'll ever hear).

Eat Static. "We're not dropping out here, we're infiltrating and taking over....."

You're telling me lads. Thanks. Can't wait for the new release. This is almost as exciting as the TM-7!


Michael said...

Hell yeah! Eat static are one of my fav's too - will definitely grab this once I can!

I'll just have to be doubly excited about this, seeing as how I know what the TM-7 is and all.

Muff Wiggler said...

haha you bastard... c'mon, how about a hint! ;)

metasonixtease said...

It's yellow! Different! Effective!

Muff Wiggler said...