Wednesday, January 24, 2007


After years of doing this stuff for a living, it continues to totally amaze me that you can render an up-to-date Windows system completely unbootable by simply installing a small piece of commercial software.

Even more amazing is how incredibly often the piece of software that does this comes from Symantec. Shouldn't someone sue the pants off of them, or set fire to their offices, or gun down all of their employess or something? Seriously, how the hell is this two-bit garbage vendor still in business? Read their ads sometime, the way they talk about themselves as total saviours of computer security. I hate them.


All Symantec and Norton products are officially banned at my place of employment (an IT software shop in the security industry).

Just going to say it again because I'm pissed... FUCK YOU PETER NORTON



SIGHUP said...

My condolences. Only time I've had software corrupt a hard drive was when I tried to uninstall Norton Antivirus.

Somehow, much of the commercial world thinks it is the best solution. I guess if your choices are only Norton or McAfee, then I guess Norton would have to win out in the end (because, it is unlikely that more then 10% of all purchasing managers in the corporasphere is ever going to look beyond those two, fucking idiots).

Muff Wiggler said...

"Only time I've had software corrupt a hard drive was when I tried to uninstall Norton Antivirus."

Yep, like I was saying...

Why does it ALWAYS have to be a Symantec product???

Literally, the last time I installed a Symantec product was about 3 years ago, and the EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED.

Yesterday, I'm thinking, OK, this could be bad, but they've had three years to catch up with whatever change is windows is causing them to kill things.... I didn't want to install Norton, but didn't have a choice..


these fuckers are zero-for-three for me

Our corporate president agreed that enough is enough, and none of these Symantec products are allowed here anymore, at all. Thank-god.

In my opinion, McAfee is pretty good stuff. I've always used it on my home systems, and never, ever had a problem.

Before 'the big buyout' I had us running CA's eTrust at the office, which was (mostly) great. The parents are a McAfee shop though, and that's what we use now, and I can honestly say that it is about as smooth as one could hope.

Death to Symantec.

Zerosum said...

check out Avast,

Devi said...

Time to get a mac. You know you can run windows very easily under macosx using Parallels? I don't know why I ever wasted my MacBook Pro on a full WinXP install. :')

Muff Wiggler said...

bah, never never ever ever

i will spend years pulling out my hair over the little issues in windows before i will ever pay a red damn cent to those style-over-substance (and no tweakability) merchants at Apple

i know you're a fan but i just detest companies that try to force proprietaty shit down people's throats, i just can't do it. Apple to me seems to be more about buying a lifestyle and an image (no offense, i know you aren't this kind of person), at a high price, instead of buying a useful tool that i can mold into my own image

to me it's kinda like the Korg Triton vs. a Modular Synth. One might be a bit more hassle, but it can be whatever you want. the other forces you to do things in it's own special way, doesn't play well with others, and when you strip off the fancy clothing, it's an over-rated and over-priced that's more about style over substance

anyway, my issues were with norton, not with microsoft :)

hehe cheers