Monday, January 22, 2007

Birthday Boy's Little Helpers

A comment to my post about my modular's birthday asked "Where is the Metasonix stuff?"

The frac-rack system turned one last week, so I was showing off the system. However there's two sets of 'helper' gear that gets used just about exclusively with the modular system. Other than the EH Bi-Filter, all this stuff arrived within the last year as well. I suppose it really is part of the system, so I'll show it off here.

First there is a utility rack immediately beside the racks of modular gear. This has a patchbay (very handy), a power conditioner, a MAM MB33 Mk.II (303 cloney thing), a pair of Future Retro Mobius sequencers, an EH Bi-Filter, a Tampa preamp, and a MOTU Midi interface.

Next, in the built-in shelving behind the modular, there's an oscilloscope (not shown), and a shelf of Metasonix gear. This stuff works just great with the modular, and I have some cables I made that are 1/4" on one end, and 1/8" on the other, so that interfacing them is easy. There's a TX-1 and TX-2 distortion devices, a TM-1 Waveshaper/Ringmod, a TM-2 bandpass filter, a TM-3 Voltage Controlled Oscillator, and a TM-6 Multimode Filter.

Click either of the pictures for a slightly larger view.

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