Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby

Growth is Good, originally uploaded by M.M._.

My modular synth turned one year old this week. "you've come a long way, baby"

Click the image for an un-cropped view, and larger sizes.


Kate said...

Now that is really cool. Happy Birthday.Hope you support your friend for many more years to come.
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SIGHUP said...

Man, you've been busy with the acquisitions, Mike.

I think the last picture I saw was half that size. Where are the Metasonix modules?

Muff Wiggler said...

Yeah, it's been growing crazy fast!!

For a while it appeared half the size, but was actually larger. I had a bunch of un-racked modules while I awaited chassis frames and power supplies to put up the second tower. When the second tower went up, there was four rows full basically immediately.

See the recent blogger post for the whereabouts of the metasonix :)