Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pair O' Slopes

slope01, originally uploaded by M.M._.

One more new module on the way to my system, this one from Oozitronics who put together interesting modules based on various PCB's.

The Pair O' Slopes is built from two individulal CGS Slope Detectors (designed by Ken Stone/CGS), and mounted onto a single handy frac panel. This is a very interesting module that will be immediately useful in a variety of ways.

Each slope detector accepts an input (with sensitivity control), and then will output a gate signal on one of three jacks - "Surfacing" when the input signal is a rising slope, "Steady" when the input signal maintains its voltage, and "Diving" when the input signal is a falling slope. So immediately you can derive three independant gate signals from something as simple as an LFO - should make for some very interesting sequences.

Looking forward to the arrival of this in my system. Nice panel design as well, I like the colorful LEDs.

No website for Oozitronics (I contacted him after he posted this to the AH list), but you can find the Ken Stone/CGS website (chock full o' DIY goodness and crazy-cheap PCBs) here.

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