Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sampling Primer - Over 10,500 Views! Wow!

Wow, just out of the blue it got into my head to go and look at a tutorial/primer I wrote a few months ago for KVR. Basically an 'understanding sampling for dummies' sort of thing.

Well, I was blown away to see that there's been 10,504 hits to the article. Wow!

I do a lot of writing for my job, and some of it gets around a bit in the industry, but I don't think I've ever had nearly that many eyes on something I've worked on before. Wow. Really hope it helped some of these people get started or understand the concepts a bit better.

Anyway, maybe some of you would enjoy it - be forewarned it's a guide for newbies though, depending on your background it may be far too basic to be interesting.

Hit it up at the big evil by clicking here.

Oh yeah, special thanks is due to Shamann for help formatting and tidying up that article - it was the first thing I'd done in a Wiki and my formatting was pretty damn shite to say the least.


SIGHUP said...

The drones tutorial I wrote has 20791 hits so far. Nyah, Nyah.

I really like the sampling tutorial. It's a long read, but hopefully it has encouraged a few beginners to really experiment.

The tutorials are really the most popular thing in the big evil's wiki, too bad more people don't write some new ones for it.

Muff Wiggler said...

Man, over 20K hits!! Wow.

By the way, that drone tutorial is great. Not sure if I've told you before. One of the best things on the wiki.

Thanks for your nice comments - I think it's a good starter as well. I got sick of typing that out over and over when explaining things to different people.

Evil or not, I'll do up a few more tutorials for the site in the nect few months. It's good to know that people check them and I'm sure it helps people out. I'm all for this!