Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Precise Tour Dates

Well, I royally blew it with (at least the) Cleveland trip... I'm actually going there in NOVEMBER, not next month. I'm actually not surprised at having made this mistake - I do a LOT of trips. I was on 138 individual airplanes in 2006.

Anyway, in case anyone DOES want to try to plan a meetup, here's a more precise schedule. Please note that these trips are all pretty much set, and all of the next few weeks are set. Beyond that, a LOT of new trips will be added to this 'skeleton schedule', so don't feel bad if your city isn't listed - I can be sure that I'll be somewhere close before the year is out, as I tend to get a new trip added almost every single week.

Here's the current list:

Greenville, South Carolina, Feb. 21/22 (I'm here now!)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 5-9
New Haven, Connectuit, Week of March 12 (?? Tentative)
Las Vegas, Nevada, March 23-30
Somewhere in Holland, Sometime in April
Long Beach, California, April 25/25
Birmingham, UK, May 20-25
New York City, New York, May 30/31
Dallas, Texas, June 27/28
Toronto, Ontario, July 25/26
Chicago, Illinois, August 29/30
Las Vegas, Nevada, September 23-27
Orlando, Florida, October 17/18
Denver, Colorado, November 7/8
Cleveland, Ohio, November 21/22
Seattle, Washington, December 12/13

Oh, there WILL be many more, believe it. If you covet my Metasonix stuff, or my modular rig, look at this schedule, imagine adding a trip a week on TOP of this for the rest of the year, know that I have a wife and kids at home, and realize what I go through to be able to afford this stuff. Truth is, it's not worth it. Nothing is, with the POSSIBLE exception of being able to support my family. Man, depressing.


Sean said...

oh man, come to seattle already :)

Muff Wiggler said...

hey, it's listed in the dates :)

but yeah, not 'till December, hopefully i'll get there sooner - will let you all know!

Anonymous said...

I hate greenville !!!!!! I lived most of my life there . . . and now im in memphis and not a show in sight!!!

Muff Wiggler said...

well, the year is still very young - i wouldn't be at all surpried if i ended up in memphis at some point

Michael said...

Consider yourself booked for May!

Muff Wiggler said...

awesome :) I was hoping for that Mike

hopefully i'll have a DOTCOM ringmod to give you at that time :)