Friday, June 22, 2007

Hey everyone....little update

Wow, crazy long overdue update!

First thanks to all my readers for your comments and emails.

I'm not dead and I've not given up on this blog or you all!

Life has been astoundingly busy lately. I've been at home a total of about 3 days in the last 6 weeks. It really sucks.

Also, for complex reasons, I've deleted my Flickr account.

All this adds up to a sketchy looking blog here - no updates in a while, and lots of broken images.

I'm sorry! I will in the next week or two get things back up to speed. I will get a new image host, or use my own website, and get my galleries back up. I'll fix broken image links, and I'll start updating the blog with new posts again - lots and lots of cool stuff to tell you all about!

Thanks for bearing with me, and again sorry that things have kinda fallen apart lately - real life has been very demanding unfortunately. Things will be back to normal - hell, better than normal, very soon.

Hey, can anyone suggest something that is just like Flickr, but not Flickr?

Thanks to you all - talk to you soon.

ps. As you see I'm making this post from my BlackBerry. I'm still not home. I'm not even in my own country! But I have a spare moment and wanted to write this update, just because I've been feeling really guilty about the state of this blog lately! I'm going home tomorrow though - for a whole day! Wow! Then off to the US for a whole week. I simply cannot even begin to tell you how sick of travelling I am. Cheers for now....

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felix said...

I've only ever used it for audio clips, but Twango can host video and pictures as well. Might be worth a look see.

The media browsing doesn't seem to be as cool as Flickr is, but if it's mostly for hosting images for the blog, Twango seems like it might do the trick.

I've also heard of photobucket...recently purchased by myspace though.

J.w.M. said...

Photobucket works, but has a rather ugly UI compared with Flickr. Still, I've had no problems with hosting images there, even for relatively high bandwidth applications.