Thursday, October 11, 2007


Felix made a nice guess yesterday - and was pretty close!! Unfortunately that's not *exactly* what it is... here's another clue:

Will be interesting to see if anyone figures it out... I'll spill the beans in a day or two.

EDIT: A couple of hints:

- There were 869 of them produced

- They are the only production item ever that Leo Fender signed in his own hand (ie. not using a 'stamp')


felix said...

yeah I'm tarded, the 1985 should have been a give-away...but all my eyes could see was *BROADCASTER* :)

I really have no idea now, but for the more clever, I will suggest that the September 11th date is an important detail; specifically cause it's stamped in this picture, and Muff made a 9/11 category tag on this post ;)

felix said...

Oooh wait. Google to the rescue!

Is it one of these?!

Never knew that G&L made one. Very cool!

Muff Wiggler said...

nice work Felix, you got it :)

more info and pics soon, promise...

Anonymous said...

That's something like a Micro Tilt neck, but if that were from a Fender, it would have to be CBS era (or Fender of Japan) and therefore, not when Leo Fender was with the company.

It must then be a neck from a G&L guitar - likely an ASAT or ASAT Special.