Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Final run of Klang Werk modules!

Just noticed on the Blacet news page (thanks for the heads-up Kwote!) that the Klang Werk is in it's final production run.

Seems like the IC's it uses are out of production, and Blacet has located enough for one more run, and then the module is discontinued.

This is far more than your grandpa's Ring Modulator. It's got an internal carrier (three types!) that can be modified with both CV and/or the panel controls, as well as the ability to use an external carrier (AC or DC!). It's got an amplifier. It's got an envelope follower, it can be used as a VCA, etc etc. A mini synth in a single module. As Blacet says, it really is the "werks"! Plus it sounds fantastic, and also like nothing else out there.

This is the last chance to pick up one of these classic and legendary modules, at least on the "new" market. So hit up Blacet and make yourself happy!

Just a reminder, at my forum I keep a thread with info about all the discontinued Blacet modules. Just added the Klang Werk. Take a look at the thread here, and see all the great Blacet stuff that you're missing!

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