Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SMT? Through-hole? IC Shortage? Huh?

I think we all know that around the synth community, and more and more as time goes on, there's always a group of people talking about discontinued IC chips, extinct parts, increasing prices, etc.

A conversation at my forum today about the demise of the Blacet Klang Werk prompted a good, and obvious (to some people) question, what is "SMT"?

We hear talk about SMT components, SMT soldering, etc. At least those of us that are way too synth geeky and read the mailing lists and forums do, haha. But obviously not everyone builds modules, and not everyone knows what's happening with components, or even what 'through hole' or 'smt' means.

Well, shit, I'm no expert either. But to answer a good question, I pretended to be one for a second and wrote out my understanding of the current 'situation' with electronic components, the demise of through-hole, the reasons why, etc.

After I wrote it all up, I remembered that Wikipedia exists. Haha. Probably a better reference.

But if you wanna read my (probaly incorrect) understanding of it anyway, clicky clicky. Feel free to post and discuss in the forum. Please register for the forum. We love you.

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