Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cool stuff - hot sale!

Trying to raise some quick cash, got a bunch of GREAT stuff that doesn't have a place in my setup at the moment, time to trim down a bit.... hope you guys don't mind a quick sale post here - the first! Overall I don't want to use this blog as a marketplace, but in this case I'm hoping a lot of people will see these and I'll sell 'em quick. Thanks for looking

Click on the pics for a bigger view.....

Black Finger $160

Wiggler $160

16SDD Reissue $300 w/box mint condition. These are out of production and dealers are out of stock. They are going on eBay for well over $300, and at times as high as $500. This is a DEAL. This is Not a pic of mine, as mine's not here - it's at a consignment shop. I'll grab it if anyone wants it. Also mine has all white sliders.

Early 80's Hot Tubes. $200. Kim Gordon relied on this for years as a major part of her Sonic Youth bass tone. Classic pedal, possibly the single best pedal EH ever made. This one is another HUGE deal for the buyer. Look at how mint this is.

All prices include shipping.

Also - if anyone wants, $700 takes them all. Can you say deal?

thanks again

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