Friday, February 8, 2008


Wow, super sorry about the lack of updates. I've even been getting emails about it!! Thanks for hanging in there folks. The truth is i've been extremely sick for, shit, the past couple of months now. Something I thought was no big deal in the fall has turned into a serious problem over Christmas/January. Not life-threatening (it seems) and I'm recovering now and should be back to my regular 110% in about 6 weeks. I'm doing better though, but honestly this has been a BIG deal and has just killed my ability to do much at all.

Anyway, I have a TON of posts 'saved up', ready to go, planned for when I can get to it - and it'll be soon! People have written, sent in info, all sorts of good stuff. I have some cool news and interesting stuff coming up for everyone. I plan to at least get a few posts up over the weekend, and by next week get through most of the stuff I have planned... anyway again sorry and please stay tuned!

Thought I would catch your attention with the word 'Sex' and then get you horny with some sexy shots of my newest synth config - thanks to the awesome oldschool Wiard controller I snagged on the 'bay

cheers folks, be well

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J.w.M. said...

Holy crap that Wiard controller is sexy.

Glad to hear that you're mending up. I've just gotten over a month-long bout of kidney stones myself. Painwise, it's off the charts.

Looking forward to seeing what's new around here!