Thursday, November 23, 2006

Airport TP (or "Dubious Cash Savings")

Ok, so I've deceided to use this blog for, well, blogging I guess. Not much of an audience at the moment, but it's easier to update this blog with my posts and thoughts then the website, and since I've linked the blog on the website I might as well just go at it...

So my thought for this morning is something I've been annoyed by many times. As you may know or may come to know I do a great deal of travelling for my employer. Almost every week I fly off somewhere. I've gotten to know the airlines and the airports as well as any employee.

So here's my related mini-rant.... I've noticed a trend at the airports that drives me crazy. In an effort to save money, they have started using the THINNEST toilet paper imaginable in the toilets. That would be OK, except it is almost too thin to use. You try to take some and it just tears off. The 'tearing point' is lower than the force needed to make the roll turn to deliver more paper.

So by the time you get as much as you need, you've shredded twice as much again, and it's all over the floor. And you are already annoyed since you are travelling in airports.

C'mon guys. Whatever money you are saving is being wasted in shredded paper. Doesn't take a "rocket surgeon" as Diamond Dave would say.

I've got a constantly growing Flickr set made up with photos I've taken in and around various airports. Personally I think it's a pretty cool set.

Peep it over here yo

Oh and also, please visit More pics and music coming today and daily for the next while, thanks.....

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