Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hope someone can help, I'm out of ideas...

I have a Canon Powershot A520 camera. It doesn't use a driver - you connect it and the WindowsXP PTP interface connects and gives you the 'scanner and camera wizard' thing so you can transfer your photos. Anyway, suddenly it doesn't work. I plug it in, and nothing happens. Seems to have 'broken' after I installed IE7, but I can't say for sure.

Now, when it is plugged in, Device manager shows the camera, with the yellow exclamation mark. Says "the driver could not be loaded". The driver referenced is the ptp.dll thingy that Windows uses. If I uninstall the camera from Device Manager, then re-plug it in, Windows detects it, and then says "an error occured installing your new hardware" and I still have no luck.

Canon can't help - they just say "we don't use a driver, only Windows PTP. Perhaps contact Microsoft and ask how to repair a corrupted PTP component"

wtf...this is driving me NUTS

anyone have any ideas?? thanks

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