Saturday, December 16, 2006

Blacet Time Machine #2 (Finally!)

Here's something I'm *really* excited about. Just a few moments ago I closed a deal for my second Blacet Time Machine. I've been on this quest since about 14 seconds after first plugging in the one I've already got, and it wasn't an easy wait....

These things were only offered for a limited time by Blacet (around 1 year I believe) and are truly one of the most sought-after analog delay units around - and deservedly so, the thing is INCREDIBLE. Usually when one is posted or listed for sale, it's sold in MINUTES. And they aren't sold all that often.

Anyway, I finally scored my second one, coming my way from Holland. There is going to be a LOT of fun to be had hooking the two of them up together, uh-oh

Also, I'm building towards a twin Blacet system with 2 of everything (minumum, there's 4 VCOs and 4 EGs and 4 LFOs etc...), and the out-of-production modules, the Time Machine in particular, presented a fairly large stumbling block - which is now basically gone. *excited*

Edit: icky green knobs on the Time Machine in the photo. I use all grey pointers on all my modules

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