Friday, December 15, 2006

Motus Mavis

I figure I would blog this one up for you all, since these guys don't get a lot of press. They've been mentioned once or twice on Matrixsynth, but that was some time ago, and I know this will be news to some of my readers.

Anyway, check out Motus Mavis - some very interesting stuff. All of Skot's designs are completely bespoke, and you would actually be surprised at how affordable it is for bespoke analog synth work. The synth pictured on his website (and above) sold for just over $1000.

A couple of things about this stuff - one, you will obviously notice the stunning craftmanship and visual appeal. I've been talking with Skot (more on this later....) and his designs, while artistic, are built *extremely well* and are road tough. Skot considers taking equipment on the road to be a "battlezone" and his gear is designed with THICK metal panels and military-spec componentry. The wooden enclosures are made by his friend who is a professional cabinet and furniture maker, and they are 'furniture grade'. You may also be wondering if this is all fancy packaging for a bog-standard 555-timer based oscillator - not the case. These are all unique designs (no kits or workbook projects) and offer fully featured voltage controllable synthesis functions. As an interesting example, his 'base' sequencer design is packed with innovative features, such as the ability to be clocked at audio rates. Very interesting stuff.

So how does one acquire a bespoke synthesizer? Skot works with 'production slots', and will focus his time on one design and one client at a time. I have booked his upcoming slot in Spring 2007 (as far as I know he is open after that), and we have already started to talk ideas - Skot prefers to discuss the individual needs and requirements of each project with the client, so that he is able to build exactly what you are looking for.

For me, I already have enough VCOs and EG's and VCFs in my modular system. Where I am feeling weak is in analog sequencing duties. The Blacet Binary Zone, Frequency Divider, Scanner, Sequential Switch etc. modules I have are great, but I want to move towards a *serious* analog sequencing setup in the new year. This is where Skot is going to help me. We've discussed a performance-oriented sequencer unit, with possibilities for burst generators, gate sequencing, comparators, switches, etc. Ideally I want a sequencing powerhouse with plenty of real-time controls organized to be fun and inspiring. And of course sporting Skot's wonderful design style throughout. I'm very excited about this and cannot wait to be able to show you all some photos and sound samples... stay tuned...

Take a look at Motus Mavis here....

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