Wednesday, January 3, 2007

(Another) Metasonix TM-7 Update!

Metasonix have updated their webpage with some hints about the one sole product that has been keeping me on the edge of my seat, the upcoming TM-7 (see earlier posts about my childlike excitement).

As you can see, the TM-7 is some sort of "scrotum smasher" ultra-distortion. To those of you familiar with Metasonix, this should bring to mind the infamous TX-1 and TX-2 products, both limited edition, both long gone, and both sickly-insane ultra-distortion products.

I find this tiny bit of info from Metasonix quite interesting - does it mean the end of the limited edition TX series? Does it mean that some of the brutally psychotic processes and design ideas from the TX units have made their way to a 'regular production' (ie. not limited edition) Metasonix product? This would be very cool news for people who missed out on the TX units (or couldn't handle the asking prices which seem to be going up and up.....)

Anyway, needless to say I'm still very excited and curious about this. In standard 'good marketing' practice, this little tidbit raises more questions than it answers about the product, which is a good thing to keep a buzz going and ensure that people stay curious. Great stuff! I can't wait to find out more about the unit after NAMM (any of you guys going?) and of course to get my grubby hands on one. I'll let you know if any other info trickles in through the grapevine.

Oh yeah, Wiard Boogie Filter on Ebay. Please don't bid, I'm gonna buy it.

Oh yeah (again), happy New Year everyone. May your resolutions fail in a spectacular and unforgettable fashion.


Zerosum said...

Im wondering what that blurry object right after the first knob that appears to be a switch does??
Could this be a multibox??
TX behaviour in a tm unit?

Muff Wiggler said...

good question - I wonder if it is something like the "enable 6BN6" switch on the TM-5. Pure speculation but perhaps it is a 6BN6 based distortion with an option to enable the second (or third?) 6BN6 tube for ultra-extra-evil?

"TX behaviour in a TM unit" - I think it must be so, this is the first and only TM unit to sport Eric's cutthroat marketing approcah ("scrotum smasher") which has traditionally been reserved for the TX series, while the TM units have maintaned very bland and descriptive nomenclature ("Waveshaper/RingMod", "Multimode Filter", etc.)

thanks for your comments :) hopefully Eric sends me a review unit and I can blog up all the goods for you all. Yeah, I'll hold my breath as well. Deal.