Saturday, January 6, 2007

ARP 4072 Filter Clone

Sam Ecoff has built this ARP 4072 Filter clone in a Frac Rack format, based on a clone PCB (now discontinued) designed by EFM. This is the filter that was used in the later model 2600, as well as other ARP Synthesizers.

If you don't know Sam, he wrote a wonderful book on introductory synthesis instruction based on the ARP 2600 synthesizer. The book is an excellent resource for any beginning synthesist however, 2600 ownership not required. Sam has generously made the entire book available for download for free from his website, and I have often referred people to it who are interested in understanding the basics of oscillators, filters, VCAs, etc.

So Sam is someone who knows the 2600 very well - I expect this module should be pretty close to the original indeed. It looks like he is selling one of these, and it looks like I'm buying it. Quite excited, I must say :))

A little birdie told me to keep your eye on the Analog Heaven mailing list because there may be another surprise or two from the always kind and helpful Mr. Ecoff in the near future.

Have a peek at Sam's website - if you enjoy his book or find it helpful, I'm absolutely certain that he would appreciate an email from you saying thanks :)

Click here for more info on this filter from Sam's webpage

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