Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ARP 4075 Filter Clone

Seth Nemec has built this ARP 4075 Filter clone in a Frac Rack format, based on a clone PCB designed by Emulator Archive. This is the filter that was used in the Odyssey, Quadra and other later ARP Synthesizers.

If you don't know Seth, he assembles modules and manages business at Bananalogue, who have previously released some modules based on Serge Tcherepnin designs (PCB Designs by CGS/Ken Stone), including the wonderful VCS (Based on the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator), which is an amazingly flexible and useful module.

A little birdie told me to keep your eye on the Analogue Haven website because these modules should be shipping any time in the near future.



Edit: A post on MatrixSynth made me realize my error in this post - the PCB was not designed by Ken Stone/CGS, but by Emulator Archive. An easy error to make as all previous Bananalogue modules have had Ken Stone PCBs. I've corrected the post, please accept my apologies.

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