Friday, February 16, 2007

Is this the Metasonix blog??

Well, lots of Metasonix content lately... what can I say? You are either a believer or not, and I'm sure you can guess where I sit.

Partially paranoia that it will be discontinued now that TM-7 is a standard item, partially trying to get in 'before the price increase' (i've not yet had to pay MSRP for any of my 7 yellow boxen......), partially thanks to the tax man... I've just ordered a TM-5 preamp from Big City Music.

I feel a little dirty not patronizing my good (great!) friends at Analogue Haven. However they are out of stock on TM-5's, and they have already upped their prices. I don't think it's fair to ask them to bring one in at the new pricing, and sell it to me at the old figure.

Also to say - Roger at Big City Music seems to be a really nice guy! Had a good chat with him on the phone.

Anyway, this puts my Metasonix setup in a pretty awe-inspiring state (even for me who gets to enjoy these goodies almost every night....). I've now got all of these nasty yellow units, except for the new TM-7 Scrotum Smasher (which I figure I can take my time with, it'll be available for a while, letting me sit and hope to find one of the limited edition stereo ones, after the early adopters and bandwagon boys get tired of theirs and need some cash!)

Also missing the TM-4 Stereo Preamp. This one may be a bit tricky - it wasn't produced for long before Metasonix discontinued it in response to a huge lack in interest. Sad, as I can only imagine how sweet it would be when Eric turns his tube know-how into producing a pristine tube amplifier. Still hoping to find one on EvilBay some lucky day....

One step closer to enacting my 'awesome, secret plan' for what to do when I have all 8 of these things. It's gonna be big, it's gonna need constuction, it's gonna need custom DIY circuitry... that's all I can say right now, but you guys are going to bust a nut when the time comes. Think late 2007.

(special note for Muff Wiggler blog enthusiasts [yes all three of you!] - you may notice that i've FINALLY started using tags on my posts. This is the first one, kinda historical moment, no? I wonder if they're any good for anything.....)

edit: Damn, i just cannot type today. Good thing I'm not in writing mode for work. I've had to edit this stupid post more times than I can friggin' count, and I'm not doing it again, so if you find typos, just deal with it, m'kay?


Zerosum said...

Looks like a killer piece of gear man!
That unit is something you could use for everything, well almost everything.
I dont think that Eric would discontinue this module, If I were to guess, which im doing right now, its probly his biggest seller next to the TM-1.
Lots of Guitarist should have this in their rig.
The thing with the TM-7 is it is a preamp, but it doesnt look like you can ever keep it from squealing as it has a feeback loop hardwired to the input stage! Freaking sweet!
They are similar, but i dont think that the TM-7 would ever replace the TM-5,Atleast i hope not.
I would love to hear some audio ran through your TM-5 into the TM-3,
Im really curious how the TM-3 responds to audio being jammed inside it.
Enjoy that toy!!

Sean said...

never got back to you about the tm-5.
i'm keeping ;-P

oh i ordered analogue haven's last tm-5 :D..

what's up with the price hike anyways:( it makes me sad...

putting the s-1000 closer to 3k..*sad*

Muff Wiggler said...

yeah price hikes always suck :(

happy i got in at $399 anyway, i'm sure this one will be worth it!

i CAN'T BLOODY WAIT to play some bass through this thing, I bet it's gonna be just sick