Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stop it, that hurts

This mad universe never stops coming up with ways of ensuring that i'll always be parted with my money.

That robotspeak store announced that they are upping the Metasonix TM-7 limited run from the (quickly sold out) initial offer of 10, to 25 (still some left).

Dammit, I'm a sucker. A weak pathetic man.

Thank GOD my tax return cheque is arriving next week.


Zerosum said...

They are shipping in sets of 4(to Robotspeak), So im assuming thats probly 1 shipment of 4 a week?
Which means i should be getting mine
around mid march, 20th maybe?..

Muff you dirty yellow whore, You have all of them!!
We'll definitly have to have a yellowbox chat:D

Muff Wiggler said...

hehehe, yes i'm a slut for this yellow madness, to say the least :)

i'm #23 so I figure i'll be in the very last batch, end of March

well, TM-5 should be here next week (and Wiard Boogie filter should be waiting for me when I get home!) so i've got no problem waiting

felix said...

Haha you too! I don't know what number I am, but I nearly shit a brick when I got the confirmation email from alan @ robotspeak.

Thanks Eric for making an additional 15. I owe you beer, lots of beer!