Friday, March 23, 2007

My New (New!) Guitar

Followup to the previous post....I've sold enough that this is now locked in, so I can tell you all about it... believe it or not all this GAS and sales were for a guitar!
From the comments in the last post:
You see, I've become so enamoured with the incredible quality and playability of my G&L Legacy, I'm actually trying to buy another G&L. A little odd as I bought the Legacy thinking it was the last guitar I would ever buy! But I've become quite addicted to them - these guys make the most incredible instruments. Anyway, there's this ASAT (Telecaster-style) for sale online, and it's exactly my style of thing... I've never been a Tele kinda guy, but also always wondered what the fuss was about. The ASAT is by far G&L's most popular and revered model. Anyway, this one is just too sweet to pass up.
Besides, any reasonably equipped guitar player (which I don't consider myself to be) needs a hard-tail and a soft-tail axe. Oh the things we say to justify our purchases...
Anyway, it's a beaut. Really looking forward to this one.
(Edit: Damn I'm enjoying it more that I can say, wow what an amazing piece of work.)


GaryG said...

oh that's just gorgeous... i have a general hate/hate thing going on with maple fretboards but that looks so right... the gold hardware and the binding just set each other off perfectly.

yeah, a bit jealous. :)

kryptic said...

Wow, she sure is pretty indeed. If you need to sell of any of your frac-modular to fund any more guitar (or other) purchases, you know I'd be more than happy to take them off your hands! ;)

(yeah, I know, not very likely, but I had to say it)

Muff Wiggler said...

thanks guys :) I personally have a love/love thing with maple fretboards (on electric instruments anyway) so take that Gary!! (is it Gary Garritan by any chance?) hehe but to each their own. I do agree that this guitar looks just about perfect, I'm very very excited to get it. It'll be nice to have a hardtail AND a softail electric at the same time - that's actually a first for me.

And Kryptic, not to worry, if I have any Frac for sale, you'll see a post on my Blog here, as well as the Blacet Mailing List and, at a bare minimum.

I *could* be convinced to part with 2 Wiard joysticks though. Slightly modified, they have 1/4" and 1/8" jacks for the gate output. These jacks make a handy 1/4-to-1/8th (or vise versa) cable converter as well, if you aren't using the gate function from the module. Drop me a line if you are interested, post a message here or join my form and PM me, or PM me at, or email me from my website or whatever. I'll be around