Thursday, March 22, 2007

EHX stuff for sale

(EDITS: Some stuff sold!)

All awesome stuff, selling off to raise funds for a serious G.A.S. situation!

- EHX 16 Second Delay Reissue (up to 4 minutes looping), with foot controller pedal. Absolutely mint, includes plastic bags inside the wooden box, it could pass as brand-new. The foot controller has a cardboard box, but could also pass as new. $400 incl. shipping within North America

- A mid-70's era Switch Blade channel selector in 'quite good' condition, $65 incl NA shipping

- A late 70's EHX Electronic Metronome in very good condition, $50 incl NA shipping.

- Frequency Analyzer reissue ringmodulator in absolutely MINT condition, with the wooden box. $150 incl. NA shipping

thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

OK Muff, now I must know. (I know, I know, curiosity killed the cat) What is it that you are GASing over to sell all of this? The 300 series?

Muff Wiggler said...

nope, not the 300 series (believe it or not!). That will be later in the year, once Grant has prices updated and ship time estimates... I don't want to rush him, and I have a few frac-based things to take care of in the next couple of months, then I'll be devoting about 90% of my gear budget to Wiard 300, for about 18 months, 'till I have a whole system.

This current case of GAS is a little surprising to me actually. It's all for a guitar. Yeah, I know.

You see, I've become so enamoured with the incredible quality and playability of my G&L Legacy, I'm actually trying to buy another G&L. A little odd as I bought the Legacy thinking it was the last guitar I would ever buy! But I've become quite addicted to them - these guys make the most incredible instruments. Anyway, there's this ASAT (Telecaster-style) for sale online, and it's exactly my style of thing... I've never been a Tele kinda guy, but also always wondered what the fuss was about. The ASAT is by far G&L's most popular and revered model. Anyway, this one is just too sweet to pass up, have a look (I Flickr'd the photos so no-one can find out who is selling this and try to snipe my chances!)

look there, and there's 2 other photos of it on either!


Muff Wiggler said...

also, it's good to have a hard-tail and a soft-tail guitar. I love my Legacy, and if I could only play one guitar, this would be the one

but having a hard-tail is one thing I miss about the Daion that I sold....