Sunday, March 11, 2007

This Week's Frac-Rack News! Crazy!

No, not a new weekly feature here, but the results of a flurry of news from the Frac-Rack world!

First, and this is *major*, The Wiard Synthesizer Company has announced on their mailing list that they will be discontinuing the 1200 series (Frac-Rack Modules), and bringing the classic 300 series back to reglar production.

This is very mixed news, that impacts me in a few ways. First, I've just shuffled a bunch of funds, and have made a large payment to secure the remaining modules I need for my 'master plan' frac system, which required 2 of each of the 1200 series Wiard modules (one of each in black and blue!). Next, I'm bummed that there won't be new 1200 Series modules, in particular the Woggle Bug and the VCO. Finally, I'm extremely excited about the return of the 300 series. In fact, I can tell you right now that this will FOR SURE be my 'next format' after I'm done with Frac-Rack (actually, I'll probably start BEFORE I'm done with Frac-Rack). Tough beans Euro-Rack, this means you'll have to wait a LONG LONG time to see any of my money. Anyway, no more 1200's, and the return of the 300. Really interesting news. If you covet any 1200-series modules (they are all freakin' FANTASTIC), get your orders in fast - Grant will continue to build them only until his parts are depleted.

Next, Shawn from Analogue Haven dropped me a line to mention that the Bananalogue LPFA (see earlier post) should be in stock this week, along with the frac-rack version of the Livewire Frequensteiner module. He included a photo of the 'Frac'uensteiner, and I'm happy to say that it has a BLACK front panel (as opposed to "classic" Livewire silver), so it'll look great in all our frac systems! I won't post the image here, because Matrixsynth already did it. Anyway, thanks Shawn for the tip!

Finally, in MOTM news, Paul mentioned on the mailing list that PCBs are being stuffed for the next run of Frac'd MOTM modules. No more details, except that they will be available at Analog Haven as usual, and that the MOTM VCO will be one of the new modules. Cool stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hehe. I called Grant earlier today panicked that I would not be able to add the 1200 series modules that I have lusted for. He told me that while he was "discontinuing" the line, not to worry and that he would most likely still produce them until around July or possibly even later and then still sell the modules until they are gone. Looks like I will have to make the Wiard 1200 series some of my next new purchases by late summer. Oh, and Shawn send me that same pic. I was also happy to see the black panel. (even though I figured that it would be black to distinguish themfrom the euro line) I want to jump on the Wiard, Bananalogue and frequensteiner right away, but I just partook in J3RKs big sell-off so most of my money is now his. :)

Anonymous said...

This is also pretty funny. When I saw J3RK's sale listing my first immediate thought was "oh shit, I gotta jump on this quick before muffy sees it and buys them all up!"

Muff Wiggler said...

Heheh, I ordered up 6 modules from Grant immediately after hearing the news, so I'll have two of each 1200 module... turns out I didn't need to hurry, but better safe than sorry, and I had the funds now (and wouldn't later) so it's all good... now i'm crazy excited to get them!

very cool that 'one of my readers' took up J3RK on the big sale! Actually, I wouldn't have taken the whole system anyway, but there was 3 or 4 modules I wanted - the Banalogue VCS (amazing module, already have one), the EG1's (I've got 2 and want 2 more), and the Filthy Filter (I've got one and want one more)

anyway, YOU didn't take the Filthy, so I've snapped up that one! Now I'm only three modules away from "two of every blacet module ever", and I've got more than two of a few of them (VCO, Multi/Atten, etc)

enjoy the system!! it's a super nice one and you'll have loads of fun with it

also, J3RK is a great guy, and a top-notch builder, so the modules will arrive in perfect shape and will be rock solid

good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, J3RK decided that he would break up the system for me since I was going to buy 50% of it (including the VCS and one of the EGs, sorry muff) I actually had just purchased a Filthy Filter like a week ago, if I had known his sale was coming I would have waited.

The only bad thing (well not really "bad" just frustrating) is that the very next day Babaluma listed his DarkStar Chaos for sale and I had just spent all of my money. Oh well, you win some you lose some. I actually still have Mel's number that you sent me, I called him once a few weeks back but he did not answer. I will have to give him another ring next week to see if he has found it yet. ;)

I am definitely psyched about the modules from J3RK though. I talked to him and he sounds like a real cool guy. He is even throwing in a Frequency Divider with a broken dip, gratis. Definitely very cool. :)


Muff Wiggler said...

well, if you find the VCS isn't your kinda thing, I'll buy it for sure!! (fat chance though, I know)

enjoy, that's a helluva system you'll be getting

phloem said...

I have a Blacet Time Machine that J3RK built. It's perfect.

Oh, and I got Babaluma's Dark Star Chaos! Great community we've got going on here.

Muff Wiggler said...

awesome little community! i'm really stoked at how it's been shaping up, i originally got a blogger account just to post at Matrixsynth, and my own blog has been getting more and more fun as time goes on!

hope to see more of you guys at my forum though :) easier to discuss stuff there instead of these ackward blogger comments

so.... a Time Machine and a Dark Star! Congrats, excellent finds

I'm lucky enough to have two of each, both Rev. B's

the time machine in particular is worth it's weight in gold

seth said...

should be stock this week, yo!

im really bummed that grant is dropping the frac format, but i understand his logic. maybe the 1200 faithful can petition him to do a little woggle before he bails out?