Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Cool News!

Here's a little potpourri of cool news for you today.

One - BIG thanks to
Zerosum who was kind and cool enough to invite me over for drinks and mad gear mayhem when I was visiting Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. A wonderful time, and the start of a great friendship and possible future collaborations. Thanks again! I had a blast and your hospitality was greatly appreciated. So nice to get time away from work, and spend it with someone who shares so many of my interests. Oh, the Frostwave Sonic Alienator is INCREDIBLE! I must have one.

Two - Need somewhere to host your music or demos online? I've started up a little temporary file hosting service at my forum. Aimed at the online electronic music community, if you need somewhere to upload a file and keep it online for up to a month or so, I can probably help you out. Now you can share your crappy synth demos as well! Find the details here.

Three - Now this is cool! I received an email that someone had signed my guestbook on my main website. That doesn't happen often...but when I looked, I was pretty surprised to see that it was Mr. Anthonie Barmentloo, of PureTube fame! Very cool. This is the guy who designs all the Electro-Harmonix vacuum-tube pedals, including of course the Wiggler (which was the source of half of my silly on-line moniker!). By the way, the Tube Zipper is one of my all-time favorite creations ever. If you think you know what to expect from Electro-Harmonix, think again, this thing is NUTS and totally unique, and totally addictive. Anyway, Mr. PureTube found my website because he bumped into the name "Muff Wiggler" on a different forum, and it gave him a good laugh, and he needed to find out more. Very cool! He has promised me that he will show me how to modify my Tube Zipper to allow +/-10v CV control over cutoff and resonance. Now this is very very exciting news!

Four - Well, there is no four. That's it for now. Oh, I guess I can tell you that I just ordered my SIXTH Blacet power supply. Yes, I'm a sick man.



Zerosum said...

Right on, your welcome back anytime in your in the area, there will be more great times to be had in the future!

That is very exciting news about the Tube Zipper/mister designer himself stopping by!
When you mod that sucker ill have to get one too, then there would be no excuse not to get the zipper!!
Does that have the same basic design as the wiggler?
That would be cool to have CV of the intensity!
killer news man!

Muff Wiggler said...

thanks man :) hope to get out there again soon!

the PCB layout should be roughly the same as the wiggler - i'm hoping that what i learn i'll be able to apply to the wiggler as well - it's like you are reading my mind!

i'll keep you posted, cheers

catsynth said...

OK, so what's with the rabbit?