Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hylander Mini Wave Expander

Hey, I'm very excited about this, and it's basically done and I've got pics in hand, so it's time to post this to my blog...

David Hylander has built a Mini Wave Expander for me, and he'll be shipping it in the next couple of days. If you are already familiar with David's Expander, you'll notice that he's made some changes to the design - there's now an input so that the inverter can be used for other signals, as well as dedicated positive and negative outputs for the inverter's signal. Really, really cool stuff, and I can't wait to receive this!

For those that don't know, the Expander is used along with a Blacet/Wiard Mini Wave module, allowing the MW to address a total of 10 ROMs (as opposed to the 2 ROMs that a standard Mini Wave can work with), which ultimately gives your Mini Wave 2,560 individual waveforms. Additionally, the Expander adds CV control over the currently active ROM, and a signal inverter. Personally I think Dave Hylander is absolutely friggin' AWESOME for designing this, offering the PCBs for sale, and building them for people from time to time. Really, really cool, and this will turn one of the best modules ever into a total powerhouse. I can't wait to receive this, and will be eventually trying to talk Dave into building me a second one for my other Mini Wave.

If anyone wants to know more about the Mini Wave and what makes it so cool, I've written a little review here.


phloem said...

Wow, that's really cool. I've already got my hands full with 4 ROMs (2 Miniwave modules). 2,560 individual waveforms all selectable with CV? That's huge!

Anonymous said...

Nice. What expansion ROMs do you plan to add to it? Do you know of anyone besides Matthew Davidson that makes expansion ROMs for the miniwave?

Muff Wiggler said...

thanks, it is very cool indeed, kudos to David for a great design and a great job building it!

i currently have 2 'stock' miniwave ROMs, 1 Socket Rocker, and one of Matthew Davidson's Scale Quantizer ROMs. These are currently in my 2 Mini Wave's.

This Expander is coming to me with the GR-PPG/VS and GR-NEW ROMs from David, and in a couple of weeks I will add Morphine, Bosch Gardens, Vector 1 and 2, and a second Quantizer. That'll leave one free slot, and I'm hoping to put RetroSynth's PPG ROM in there, once it becomes available.

Then I plan to get a second Expander in a few monts (for the 2nd Mini Wave in my system), and I'll probably get a burner and make custom ROMs for that one.

Media Whore said...

The Hylander Expander actually only lets you install 9 ROMs in totals as one of the ten slots is taken up by the connector joining the main board to the expander

Bloody great things tho ! - Just received two more of these mega modules - thats three fully blown Mini Wave

Hope you have fun Mr Muff !

Lester ( Beermaster )