Saturday, April 7, 2007

Little Update

Hey there. Been super crazy ultra mecha busy. I owe some of my Internet friends out there some updates and replies and such, and it'll all happen in the next day or two - sorry for the delays on all fronts.

But I just wanted to pop in and say, in case you are wondering, that white G&L Legacy is absolutely the motherfucking best guitar of all time, ever. I'd be hard pressed to think of a purchase that I've ever been as happy about. Damn I'm happy with this thing.


Zerosum said...

Site's down.
Did we maxout the bandwidth?

Cheers on the G&L, youll love it with the scrotum!

Muff Wiggler said...

Got my shipping notice for the scrotum smasher!! Should have it this week with any luck.

Must have been a hiccup with the site - seems all good now!

I owe you a couple PMs - coming later tonight