Monday, June 25, 2007

Wiard 1200 Series - Cool News!

Well, here's another blog post from on the road using my phone, so Ill have to skimp on the fancy graphics, but anyway I have some great news to pass on, so hopefully you will forgive the lack of imagery.

This is a little followup to the news a few months ago about Wiard discontinuing the 1200 (frac-rack) series modules.

Anyway, Grant has just updated the Wiard webpage to reintroduce the classic 300-series system (prices are up now as well) and has made some very welcome comments on his mailing list. Turns out he has decided to keep the Boogie Filter, Borg Filter and Noise Ring modules available in the 1200 format, however only the black panel ones will be available - the engraved blue ones are now a part of history.

He says that 90% of 1200 series orders were for black panels, so it makes sense to keep the most popular models available.

So, gone from the 1200 series lineup are the Joystick, the JAG, and the blue engraved version of the Noise Ring and the two filters.

The joysticks and JAG have however been replaced with a single 19" controller module, featuring a blue engraved panel, a pair of 'sticks and a pair of JAGs, for $600. I'm very happy to have a pair of 1200 series JAGs though, these are incredible modules, useful for far more than one would immediately think!

Anyway, I know a lot of you were bummed thinking you had missed out on a frac-format Noise Ring or filter, so I'm sure this will come across as great news to you all!

(have to admit I'm feeling pretty good about having the lovely engraved blue versions of all the 1200 modules as well now that they are gone for good!)

More details can be found at the Wiard webpage,

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Zerosum said...

The Jag-Stick controller combo rack is $700:P