Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hey there....just wanted to say that I've started the slow process of fixing the broken images in this blog....images broken as a result of me cancelling my Flickr account. As much as I now detest Flickr, I have to admit I'm having a tough time adjusting to life without it.

Anyway, I've fixed the images on this first page of my blog (except the Mini Wave Expander post.....I may have lost those images, gotta see when I get home from this trip), and all new posts going forward should be fine for images.

Still gotta go back over the older pages of this blog, hopefully by the end of this coming weekend I'll have them fixed as well.

Again sorry for the hassle and crappy look of this blog lately, and thanks to you all for bearing with me. It's getting better.

Oh yeah, thanks to the anonymous poster informing me about the unclosed HTML tag. I think maybe a blogger staff member saw my post and fixed it for me, as the font problems seem to have gotten better. Anyway thanks to you both.


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felix said...

I'd been meaning to ask what prompted the depart from Flickr? Was it because of the censorship going on, or were you one of the unfortunate many who had their accounts unjustly blackballed?