Monday, July 2, 2007

Latest Modular Pics (Featuring Wiard!)

Well, finally got a bit of time to re-do one of my towers and get all my new Wiard stuff in there, and took a few pics. I think these may be some of the nicest pics I've ever taken of my synth... (never been much of a photographer)

Anyway this is actually an up-to-date photo of my synth! It's not showing the two 'orphan' frac racks I have sitting standalone on the side with some modules in them, but anyway. Mostly I wanted to get a shot or two of my gorgeous new Wiard modules that were waiting for me when I got back from the US on Friday. Enjoy.

(Oh yeah, click on the pics for a bigger size if you want)


Zerosum said...

Your going to need a ladder soon:D
OR a scissor lift.

J.w.M. said...

Yum. Those new Wiard modules sure stand out (in a very good way indeed). I'm surprised as to how good the blue modules look amidst a sea of black.

What with this and the nuclear suitcase, I'm amazed that you can summon the inner strength to leave your studio.

Zerosum said...


Zerosum said...

dammit the link got cut off:
Click for Audio!!!