Monday, July 30, 2007

Travel Weary/Broken Record

As always, damn, sorry for the lack of updates. I'm close to losing it here. Can't even remember when I was home last.

What was supposed to be a slow period of travel has become the opposite, thanks to a spat of security disasters, not least being the Virginia Tech shootings. I just arrived in Dallas after 4 days in New Orleans, after 3 days in Grand Island, Nebraska (woot! Party! Hehe, no, not at all actually).

In bright travel news, but dark 'spending time at home' news, I just found out that I will be spending much of September in Dubai. Du-freakin'-bai! I can't believe it, I've wanted to go there for ages. Should be really really cool. I'm going to try to play golf, yep, in the desert. I mean it. Also going to try to spend a night or two at that big posh sail-looking hotel, the Burj Al Arab. Really excited about this one, which is a damn nice change.

I mean, its no Nebraska, but it should be fun nonetheless.

No offense whatsoever to my kind readers and friends from the cornhusker state. You folks have some very nice and friendly people in your state. I guess that's about the only thing I noticed, except for the sky and the corn and the lack of cellphone coverage. Go Nebraska!

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Zerosum said...

I cant think of anything creative to say right now....
But i hope that your nerves dont shatter causing you "lose it."
Have fun knocking balls in the sand,
I hope your return home, whenever it is has a welcoming surprise on the other end....

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go to Dubai. My buddy went there last year and told me that the hotels and restaurants in Dubai are some of the most extravegant and luxurious in the world, and the people were very friendly. I know its always nice to be home, but Dubai ain't too shabby!

J.w.M. said...

Wow. Dubai-- that should be really amazing. Hope to see a lot of pictures and hear some amazing Middle Eastern-inspired Metasonix sounds (I'm kinda joking about the last part).

Muff Wiggler said...

yeah I'm really really excited about Dubai - my buddy from work was there a few months ago, and had an amazing time - some of the best restaurants ever, and really friendly and cool people! Can't wait :)