Saturday, August 18, 2007

Little Metasonix Suitcase Jam

Little Metasonix Suitcase Jam

still just in the early stages of 'getting to know' this metasonix suitcase synth. this thing is crazy, it's so sensitive - i find you have to work very slowly with knobs and settings and interactions, and there's SO MUCH in these yellow boxes when you explore carefully...

anyway, nothing particularily fancy, but cool in the amount of variety from some minimalism

one single pattern from a mobuis sequencer repeating over and over drives four Metasonix modules. I'm not saying which ones but there is an Agonizer in there, and the vco is also probably a safe bet, no?

one pattern from a mobius, 4 metasonix modules. a tiny bit of external audio processing by a MOTM ADSR and MOTM VCA. just jamming and messing around, don't expect drums or quality mixdown or anything. have fun. watch your speakers.


Zerosum said...

Good to hear something other than a million Roland and MOOG sounds.
Nice work!

felix said...

oh man that is so awesome! I love some of those "on the edge of meltdown" sounds, fantastic!

J.w.M. said...

Wow-- I love how the whole thing sounds just on the edge of completely going to chaos. Great stuff!

catsynth said...

Very cool. I continue to be quite interested in hearing what these metasonix boxes can do musically.

Hey, I gave you one of my thinking-bloggers award tags, which you are welcome to accept and pass on, if you like.