Monday, September 3, 2007

Buy my Mobius.... (Sold!)

Edit: This is now sold, nice and fast. Thanks Darren & enjoy your Mobius!


well, one of 'em anyway. Great unit, fun sequencer + midi-to-cv conversion. The only converter that can translate both hz/V and v/Oct AT THE SAME TIME. Anyway, I just don't find that I use two as often as I had thought. $350 takes it, shipping anywhere in North America included. As a limited time offer, mention that you saw this on my blog and it's yours for $325

ps. Further to the Cookie Crisp post below, isn't it funny that they had to write "artificial chocolate chip flavour"? lol, "we simulate the flavour using strychnine and BN6 tubes"


J.w.M. said...

Ooh... Just to vouch for Muff, I love my Mobius. I don't think I'd use two of them too frequently, but alone it transforms my synth from a sonic curiosity into a dynamic, musically useful unit.

Moog$Fool$ said...

hey Muff.

it's Darren from Synth. Van.
i just sent u an email about the mobius. i'll buy it.