Friday, September 14, 2007

Metasonix M-1000 Mixer

oooooh yeah baby

in some ways i'm very others, not at all.

Really looking forward to more about this!

Thanks Mike Weeks

Edit: I got sneaky and found a few more pics on Mike's website. Seems like this was a custom build for Mike (too bad, I actually really could use one of this in a big way....), and it used BN6 tubes to add (what I assume will be a LOT of) drive to the signal. Incredible. Eric, what would it take for me to get my hands on one of these?


felix said...

Me and Zerosum got to check this out a little at AH Bay Area. It's very cool!

Michael said...

I updated the thread, but to represent the Department of Redundancy Department - plus some backstory:

I asked eric if it was possible to build a tube mixer using the TM-5 circuit. He said yes. He built it custom for me/The Wretch..... I fully intend to use this for mixing out a 2-track mix to a nicely broken in TEAC reel-to-reel for some future releases, as well as for general studio mayhem. Fuck vintage and not so vintage tube mixers and summing busses - this is the sound I want times 4. I've used the TM-5 as my all purpose preamp for all of my external gear since I got it, so this saves me some work....


4 TM-5's in a box, each with all individual controls, plus a send/return insert and pan/level controls. They all sum out to a 2 track stereo output, and each has an individual peak indicator.

Initial test: I plugged it in to make sure it made the trip ok, and ran a signal through it and it sounds as good as I imagined. More testing to be done once I get back from Banjo Shack later with a new rack and some cables.

Anonymous said...

love it,want one! but looks cheap with those knobs! it's good enough gear, put same nice knobs on so it doesn't look and feel like cheap crap. -- which I know i isn't!

Sean said...


Eric Barbour exists only to drain my wallet of everything it ever has it in.

resulting in many sleepless nights due to starvation..


in lighter notes, i would love to have 4 tm-5's in one's so much more compact.