Monday, October 1, 2007

Radiohead are Awesome

Ok, so the subject line of this post is kinda like saying "winter is cold". Yeah, we all know.

But, get this...

Seriously, get this...

Radiohead's new album, "In Rainbows" is finished. Hitting stores December 10th or so.

Digital download available October 10th or so.

You can preorder the digital download and.....

drumroll please...

You can pay whatever you want.

That's right, it's up to you.

I think this is HUGE. I'm going to pay them $25. More than I'll pay for the CD in the store. Why? Because I think this is a brilliant idea, and I hope they make millions. Also because it's Radiohead.

This is a great idea all around though. Let's say some artist I didn't care about, maybe for argument Jack Johnson, pulled something like this. Suddenly I'll go from not caring about his new album, to dropping $2-3 for the download to check it out.

For one, this $2-3 is probably the same that Jack would pocket if I bought the physical CD, which I wouldn't have done. So he's up. Next, I get to hear his new album, which normally I wouldn't have done. So he's up again. Now, if for some reason I happen to really groove on it, I'll buy the CD in the store. So he's really, really up at this point. What a great idea.

These metrics change of course with Radiohead - I'd buy their album regardless.

Anyway, this is a really really interesting model, and I hope it's a smashing success. Well done lads.

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