Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Blacet Modules!

Wow, some *excellent* looking new Blacet modules, all utility stuff, but I'm excited about them all - the Window Comparator in particular!! A very nice surprise today from John Blacet, thanks John!

Click here for images and all the info on Blacet's website

The new modules are:

Window Comparator - With VC'd Level and Width, includes inverted out, trigger out, and a very cool looking ramp generator which features a number of outputs! Very, very cool stuff.

Splitter - Basically a buffered 1-into-3 multi (hmm these are popular lately, Plan B just announced one 2 days ago. Seems like a reaction to something. I wonder what? Mmmmm..., but some extra cool features - one of the outs has a phase control, one has an atten, and the other is clean (but buffered). Nice extra flexibility as always from Blacet, and in a half-size module!

Mixer - Another half-size module, the Mixer is really the reverse of the Splitter above. 3-into-1, with an atten on one channel, a phase control on the other, and a third clean channel.

Cool stuff as always, I'm going to need at least a couple of each of these.

Also, for anyone who has been waiting, the Klang Werk is back into production.

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J.w.M. said...

This made my day. I'm still not quite clear on the Window Comparator's function, but I'm certainly interested. As for the Klang Werk-- I'm going to get one ASAP.