Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cyndustries Saw Animator - Frac & Euro!!

Just got the official word from my friends (and yours!) at the coolest store in the world, Analogue Haven, that the Cyndustries Saw Animator module is shipping - imminentely - in Frac-Rack and EuroRack format!

This is really cool. This time last year AH received Zeroscillator modules in these smaller, handier formats. Now we have another powerful and unique Cyndustries module to add to our systems. I swear, the guys at AH might as well install a direct line to my bank account - they are killing me with all this coolness!

Hopefully this is the start of a trend towards the smaller format modulars. It would be amazing to see more Cyndustries stuff hit frac rack (and Euro of course), and maybe one day we may see ModCan step up to the plate as well. Awesome stuff and certain to keep me poor!

For the Saw Animator module, AH is hoping to have the Frac and Euro formats in stock to ship in time for Christmas. Following this they expect to receive the module in other formats as well, including MOTM, DOTCOM and ModCan/Cyndustries.

I gotta say, I love seeing a module that is available for all formats. This was a real coup when the Zeroscillator was released, and we could really use more of this philosophy in the modular world.

Awesome stuff! Thanks Cynthia, and thanks AH!


felix said...


This was the one module that always had me contemplating starting a modcan A system. I'm so excited this is coming to Euro!

My day just got a whole lot better!


Zerosum said...

Delayed reaction....
Somehow I managed to miss the "available for Frac" the first few times I read this....?


Definitly a must have!