Thursday, November 29, 2007

STG Soundlabs @ AH

Very wierd....somehow I totally missed this one, and apparently Shawn even emailed me a head-up that I never saw... hmm...

Anyway, I don't think this has been covered elsewhere and better late than never!

Everyone's favorite store (if it's not it should be....),
Analogue Haven has an exclusive deal to distribute frac-rack format modules from Hammond-meister and all around cool cat, Suit And Tie Guy.

For those not in the know, Suit And Tie Guy runs STG Soundlabs, who make some really cool modules. Yep, another player in the not-nearly-crowded-enough modular scene. It really is an awesome, awesome time to be interested in modulars. I've said it before, but I honestly believe this is the greatest time in history to be interested in these fascinating instruments. The options available, the quality of products, and the affordability are simply unmatched at any point in history. Sadly, I feel the 'peak' of this wave will be upon us in a few years, and we will see a decline as through-hole componentry becomes impossible to obtain as a result of the EE world's move to SMT components.

In fact, just today I was speaking to an engineer from Texas Instruments who told me that no-one is manufacturing through-hole componentry anymore, and no-one ever will again. I can't qualify the first statement, but I certainly believe the second one.

But, I digress. It's a great time to be into modulars, and if you have had an interest but are waiting for a better time - don't wait and do build you system now while you still can.

Kudos to STG for getting these modules out to the public, and to AH for carrying and distributing them. It's just awesome to see people supporting modular synthesis on the builder and dealer level. You guys are awesome.

Currently AH is selling the STG Multiples and the Dual Gate delay. Three more modules (including the fantastic looking Mankato filter) are expected in-stock before NAMM.

Thanks Shawn for the heads-up!

Hit up the STG section of Analogue Haven right here

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Suit & Tie Guy said...

hey thanks for the kind words. i'm glad you're happy to see this stuff out. so am i.

as far as through-hole goes, we'll always have the basics ... resistors, capacitors, transistors, et cetera.