Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Origins of "Muff Wiggler" (Is it offensive?)

Had an interesting discussion on my forum last week, prompted by a question that I'm frankly surprised took so long to be asked.

The question was: "Hey, do you get flack about 'Muff Wiggler' not being PC for the 21st century? Just curious."

Well, long story short, yeah, I agree that it's "not PC" for sure, and no, I don't really get any flack.

It's sort of a stupid joke that took on a life of it's own. The name is actually a reference to a couple of effects boxes from Electro-Harmonix, the Big Muff Pi, and The Wiggler.

Anyway, that's the short story. If you'd like the long story, and a discussion about how 'offensive' it may be to you, have a peek at this forum thread. If you would like to chime in as well, but aren't a member at the forum - why not join up? But feel free to sound off here in the comments of this blog post as well, you can even do so anonymously if you'd like.

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