Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Quick post to wish everyone a happy new year. I've been very busy lately and away from the computer and Internet for the most part - and know I've missed a lot of great gear news, which I'm sorry for - but family always comes first. Things will pick up again soon, for sure.

Hoping everyone had a great new year's eve - we went over to a party at a neighbour's house, and everyone had their kids there. It was an absolute blast, and my own children (3 and 5 years old) ended up staying up 'till midnight for the big countdown! They were asleep about 28 seconds later :) Loads of fun.

Anyway, all the best to you all for 2008, hope it's going to be a great year!


A little new year's bonus for any of you with a little sense of gear fun - My 5 year old daughter is starting to know her way around the studio, and understands well the basics of pattern sequencing and programming. As such she is well suited to produce Acid House music, and indeed delights in syncing up the ER-1 and the 303 clone, and dances around the room like a maniac while switching patterns and tweaking knobs. It's adorable and makes me wish for a video camera :)

Anyway, she has been asking to make a song and put it on a CD, so yesterday we took the time to set things up to record her little performance. Interestingly, she had a bit of 'stage fright' knowing that it was being recorded, so she was much less interactive with her pattern switching, muting and knob twisting. Regardless, it does build a bit, and there's even a few stompin' little moments in there.

Mostly factory patterns, however it was very impotant to her to program the intro pattern from scratch - such a little techno trooper :)

So here you have it - FR Mobius is clocking a Korg ER-1 and a MAM MB33 MK.II. She is switching MB33 patterns using the Mobius, and switching drum patterns using the ER-1. She is tweaking knobs and doing some volume drop-outs ('solos' for her).

Click here for some good family fun!

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Zerosum said...

Happy 2008 man!
2007 was great.

Now you just have to record her without her knowing its rolling,
just hit record while setting up then edit out the "blank" spots later.
Thats such a beautiful thing to document this, keep doing it:)