Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Metasonix Product Unveiled!

Well, I've been sitting on this information for a little over a week now, and it's been HARD! Haha, seriously. Lucky me, Eric Barbour once again gave me permission to break the news of his new product, on the eve of the NAMM show. He said "tuesday morning", but really wasn't clear on what time ;) Since it's now technically tuesday morning (yeah, even in California, I waited....), and since there's already been a bit of info starting to float around, I'm not sitting on this any longer!

Anyway, without further ado, yes you speculating bastards, yes indeed...


Some people prayed, some wept, some swore he would never do it. Here it is you crazy freaks. It's pretty hard to believe, I'll give it that. Look at that thing!

I do wish I had an image of Dave's art on the other side. And I can't tell you at the moment what it's called, but my money's on "Fucking Fucker".

It's the psychotic Metasonix amp. It's like a nuclear bomb just went off. I can't wait to learn more about this, and to see what guitar players think. This is insane.

Little is known at the moment - just the pics, that Dave's art will be on the other side, and that's it. Obviously we are looking at a 2 channel amp. There's loads and loads of crazy tubes inside. I do believe I spot at least one or two BN6 tubes, but I would have put money down on that anyway. There's a bunch of beefy transformers AND a switching power supply (as pointed out on Matrixsynth). There's a great jab at Bill O'Reilly. There's absolutely no room for anything else in there, but there are some very interesting controls, like 'reverb', 'phase' and 'ream your ass'. This thing is going to be a LOAD of fun for anyone who gets to play with it. Bring earplugs, really big ones.

Another question that's nagging at me - is Eric going to get in trouble at NAMM for the name of the product and the artwork? It would be absolutely fantastic publicity if he did.

I'm really, really looking forward to more info about this.

Guitar players, come on, unless you really want to keep rewarding an industry that feeds you reissue after reissue after reissue of the exact same crap year after year, go buy something like this. Reward the guys who are pushing for something different.

Thanks Eric! We love your stuff so much man, please keep it up & best of luck at NAMM!

Head on over to Metasonix's webpage where there is sure to be more information, and most likely a VERY amusing press release, any time now.


PS. Some of you long-term Muff Wigglers out there may remember my big 'scoop' last year with the TM-7 announcement...) I'm extremely grateful to Eric, not only for all the incredible and unique products, but also for trusting me with advance information and letting me break this news. It's really exciting for me.


Zerosum said...

I see a BN6 under the O'Reilly
and a 6AK5 on the right.
Looks like 19 tubes, maybe 20.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this unveiled.
Eric has been a great inspiration to my "aproach" to "audio."

The art Dave has done is BEAUTIFUL!

Dave said...

Thanks Zerosum. There are actually 23 tubes, according to a recent email from Eric:

"I have dropped everything to finish the Fucker. Its name is most appropriate. I feel Fucked already. Do you realize that thing contains 23 tubes?"

felix said...

That is so fucking (fucking) rad! I only hope I have enough cash to get it!

J.w.M. said...

Absolutely epic! Great art, by the way!

I can't wait to hear it!

The more metasonix stuff I see, the more I want to put everything else on hold and start buying.

Oh, and I love the tags for this post.

electro.mike said...

$5000 for a fucking 15W tube head? W.O.W. I want some of that shit he's smoking.