Friday, February 15, 2008

Retarded Animal Babies in NEED

Here's a chance to help out Dave Lovelace and the entire lovable RAB clan. You owe them at least this much for the wonderful influence they have had on your beloved Metasonix boxes.

As most of you probably know, Wikipedia is a cesspool of bias, ego and misinformation.

However, it's also (somewhat sadly) become a major reference point in our digital society.

For reasons unknown, the powers-that-pee over at the mighty Wiki seem to have a major bug in their ass about Retarded Animal Babies. I don't have the whole story, but many attempts, by multiple parties, to craft an article on RAB have been fruitless. Articles PERFECTLY fitting the accepted Wikipedia 'style', including references, proper tone and bias, etc., are constantly rejected, deleted and locked by Wiki administrators. It's crazy.

I'm going to make some comments in the Wiki discussion pages about this. There's no reason this should be happening. It's unfair and irrational bias, and it's extremely unfortunate for Dave and the work he does. It is CENSORSHIP, that alone should be enough to motivate you to speak out.

I'd like to ask for the help of anyone who cares, or would like to help. Please post comments in these discussion sections at Wikipedia, challenge their bone-headed refusal to allow RAB content on their site. Let's see if we can get this to somehow magically be approved on Wikipedia.

This is where you can comment:

Additionally, hey are are trying to get this page killed:

Your help, comments, lobbying are all GREATLY appreciated. Someone has to stand up to these idiots.


And thanks Eric for bringing this to my attention. Sorry Dave that these guys have something against you. Ridiculous.

Edit: More details, including the backstory on the whole Wikipedia affair, courtesy of Eric Barbour can be found here.

Edit 2: Broken links fixed. Thanks Felix!


felix said...

Hey Muff,
FYI, the wikipedia comment links are "broken". Because of word wrap, there's a space in the links...wikipedia fills in a "%20" or an " _ " for the space, but it reports that no such page currently exists. If I remove those spaces in the URL and reload, I get the correct page.

Muff Wiggler said...

Links fixed, thanks Felix

felix said...

Dude, wikipedia sucks balls. I created an account just to post my disagreement with this, but I don't even have permission to post anything.

Their restrictions as to what makes an article valid are also extremely vague. IMO, the RAB article perfectly fits into their WEB category requirements.

WIKI admins are douches.

Dave said...

Pretty late to the party here, but thanks for the link & support. I find it amusing that the same 14-year-olds that love my animations are often the same ones who choose to be such censorship-happy little dicklickers in Wiki. Oh well.

I'll just keep making cartoons, or not... I'm happy to report that regardless of the flack I get, the only motivation I have, or lack thereof, is the work itself.

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