Saturday, March 1, 2008

Awesome Frac Module Updates!

Wow, what a great time for frac-rack users.

First of all, Synthasonic has just released their amazing looking (and sounding!) 8 stage phaser! And it's only $175! Talk about value. Run now to the Synthasonic website and order yourself up some phasey goodness. Note that their LPF is shipping as well. Thanks Sam for the heads-up! Would like to see some actual photos (instead of renderings) of these modules, hopefully those will come up soon.

Also, whew, this one flew under everyone's radar.... Suit and Tie Guy's Wave Folder is now available at Analogue Haven. Like the Mankato, I ended up ordering the very first one! Shawn said he would send me the model shown in the pic, #9 with the lovely '3AM Eternal' scribble on the side. Looking forward to mangling up some waves with this beauty.

Next, just a quick note that the Cyndustries Saw Animators (previously mentioned in this post) are now available to ship from Analogue Haven in both frac and euro formats.

Finally, a long overdue followup comment about this previous post on the Mankato filter. I should have put this news up long ago, I apologize.

Anyway, if you look in the comments of the post, Tim Servo, who designed the PCB, graciously chimed in about the DC coupling issue. As he explains, it's not an issue at all - all three of his personal Mankati are configured with only DC coupled inputs.

First, I'm grateful to Tim for reading and chiming in with the info. I apologize to everyone for being so late to bring it to the front page here. Anyway, having had (not nearly enough but...) some wee bit of time to play with my filter, I concur that it isn't a problem at all. The thing has no problem with the AC signals I throw at it, and the DC coupling does seem to come in useful in other applications, so it really seems to be the best of both worlds.

I have plans to try to make some demos and make a half-decent review of the Mankato to post here for you guys at some point - it's really a very impressive, fun and unique module, and I hope to get the time soon. I'll be travelling for the next few weeks for work, but hopefully after that things will settle down enough.

Thanks as always for reading. Cheers everyone. Enjoy your instruments - no matter what format or instrument you play, we are all so lucky to have such a wealth of incredible options available to us these days.


felix said...

Like a crotchity old man, I'll shake my eurorack-loving fists in the air and say "damn you Muff Wiggler!"


Just kidding, the new Frac offering are very cool! The STG wavefolder sounds particularly intriguing. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like.

gerald said...

One more module to add to the fracas (duck) - I just received my Blacet Hex Zone bag'o parts last night... hope I'll find the time to make it today. Looks like it may take some time to put together.