Wednesday, April 2, 2008

DIY Blacet Modifications

Over at the forum there's a thread about all the different modifications that can be done to wring some cool extra functionality out of Blacet modules.

Yesterday, I added more comprehensive step-by-step information, along with photos of the process, for two of the mods - one which adds an AC/DC coupling selector to the Blacet VCO's FM input, and one which moves the 'range' DIP switch on the Micro LFO's circuit board to a front panel mounted switch. These are two of the easiest mods to perform, and great place for beginners to get started - and are both mods which add some very useful functionality to the module.

Check out the VCO's AC/DC FM Coupling Switch mod here

And peep the LFO Range Switch mod over here

This was prompted by some user requests, along with the fact that I've been promising to take photos and get the information up for over a year now. Sorry for the delay... one other cool reason that gave me a push to do this was that one of our forum users, BananaPlug, pointed me to information he had written up on mods for Blacet's Improbability Drive. BananaPlug gave me the OK to post his info at the forum, which was really cool of him - so I'll point you guys to that one as well...

BananaPlug's Improbability Drive Mods can be found here

Finally, be sure to have a peek at the general 'Blacet Modifications' thread as well, for summary info on a variety of other mods, as well as a place to get news when more mod info is added.

If anyone has questions about performing any of the mods, feel free to join up into the discussion at the forum. For beginners out there, this info doesn't qualify as a primer on soldering practises or anything like that - it's assumed you have the right tools, have a rough idea how to solder, and have some patience and common sense. None of us are to be held responsible if you destroy your modules! Have fun though, and be careful not to burn your fingertips ;)

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