Monday, July 14, 2008

About those $35 Euroracks....

Via Gerald in the comments to the previous post - "where the hell did you get $35 euroracks... ??? Does the e-bay guy have any more?"

Well, maybe it's a good idea for me to make a post with more info.

In short, "I got them from a guy on eBay", and "Yes, he has more".

They are Schroff EuroPAC Chassis. Schroff makes the racks for Doepfer, so these are very similar. They work just fine for Eurorack modules. You need to get a power supply, and some busboards, but these racks work great (the guy claims Schroff normally sells them for around $500 each - he apparently has a wholesale lot he's trying to get rid of). They are fantastic quality, you will however need a Torx driver to take them apart and remove the TONS of extra crap that comes inside them.

Also, they aren't $35 anymore, the price has gone up. The guy originally had a couple hundred, seems he's got 20 left now. The current price is $45.

Be warned that he will charge around the same price for shipping it, but anyway, there you have it, cheap eurorack chassis.

You can find the auction here, and if the auction has ended, check his "all items" listing, as he may sell another batch under a new auction listing. This has happened a couple of times. Here's his listing of items for sale.

I have to thank mono-poly at the forum for making me aware of these auctions in this thread.

Finally, there's a lively discussion about setting up and using these specific racks here in this thread at my forum.

Hope this helps everyone get into some cheap eurorack lovin'

Edit: Because these aren't gonna be around long, and my PSU is strong enough for it, I just bought a fourth. There's 19 left now ;)

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