Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Modules Sold

Thanks for the interest everyone.


felix said...

oh damn! good luck sir!

Richard said...

a 300 Wiard system is a good one to aim for, but I hope you have another time machine in the rest of your setup.

stretta said...

My advice is to give up on selling as a system and part it out. In my experience, it isn't much more trouble, and you'll get FAR better coin.

Purchases in the range of $3k+ are difficult to unload for a variety of reasons, and no modular head wants to buy someone else's pre-selected group of modules unless it is a complete steal.

However, the there are always scavengers looking to grab the odd module or two at a slight discount off new.

Kwote said...

i think the logic is, he doesn't really want to sell it but he'd be hardpressed not to if he can get 3 something g's. makes sense to me and would easily get a nice wiard setup.

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