Monday, April 13, 2009

The Forum Is Down!

So, Peter Grenader & Plan B broke the forum!

Ok, not really.

I broke it.

As part of moving to our AWESOME new hardware, as some of you saw, everything was working perfectly and we had AWESOME performance.

Then, dumbass I am, I rebooted the servers.

Seems like there was a permission issue with the config - servers came back from the reboot and suddenly mySQL "doesn't have permission" to talk to the webserver.


It's a simple fix, but one I can't do myself - I need the techs at my host to do it for me.

And of course, this happened in the middle of a long weekend.


I'm hoping that some time during business hours on Tuesday (Pacific Time) we will see this all resolved.

Please note that once this is fixed things should be very stable..... I don't imagine this will occur again.

Please accept my apologies, and my thanks for your patience. Hopefully you are all getting lot of music done in the meantime.



krelnarb said...

woooo, I was ascared it went all Bananalog on us.

Moog$Fool$ said...

LOL!! i was thinking of emailing u with a..... WTF?? is up, did Peter G. & his sister lay down the hammer??


rebmang said...

i was very happy to open the site with u