Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Forum Sold To Plan B

Please see this forum thread for discussion - exciting news!

Hi everyone.

This is a difficult post to make, however I have thought long and hard about this, and I firmly believe that it is the right thing for all of us.

After long and complicated talks, I have agreed to transfer ownership of this forum to Peter Grenader & Plan B.

This comes at a time when I have very little time for managing the forum anymore, and have been concerned about the health and future of this place. Peter has made me an extremely generous offer in exchange for ownership of the forum, and more importantly has convinced me that he has the interests of all of you close to his heart, and an excellent plan for where this forum can go in the future, and new services for all of you that can be created on this platform.

I think this is a very special place full of very special people, and I think of all of you first when making any decisions that affect this place. I know that this seems like a very drastic change, however please put your trust in me and understand that we have spent a LONG time talking about this, and Peter really has convinced me that this is going to be something that creates a far far better place for all of us.

Thanks for a wonderful few years, it's been an incredible time for me, and I am honored to be your admin here. I'm grateful for the time you have all invested in this place, and I know you'll be really excited at some of the changes and new services that will be announced.

I'm not going anywhere, and will still be around as a member and moderator - believe me when I say that I'm very excited to participate in some of the new things that will be happening.

So there really is little change at the moment other than ownership. I'm sure Peter will chime in soon with some of his own comments and a preview of some of the ideas we will see rolling out here at this place.

Again, a most gracious thank-you for making this place what it is - and exciting things are just beginning.

Best wishes,


EDIT: Ok enough time has passed, this one doesn't seem so funny any more. Check the date - it was an April Fool's Day joke. The forum is not for sale. Although I would consider swapping it for a 200e or a few Serge panels!


felix said...


steve said...

lollers. well played.

matrix said...

Hey Muff. I can't seem to find your email address and don't see your contact info. Send me an email if you get a chance, I want to ask you about something.

Chris Rooney said...

What happened to the forum???

Anonymous said...

was probably really sold to PG and the April joke was the April joke.

but, yeah what happened - internet is useless now.


Anonymous said...

ahm,,,are the muff wiggler forums down? i get an sql error message when trying to visit

empty said...


the forum is down just now due to a few glitches as it switches to a new server. i've been in contact with Muff and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update sandy

Septic Underground said...

haha :D

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